Adrianna Eldridge.jpg

Adrianna Eldridge

Adrianna (17) has appeared in several episodes of NBC's “Mr. Robinson,” playing a singer/dancer/student in Mr. Robinson’s music class. She has sung professionally on background jingles for television and is in consideration for an Equus Film Festival Award for her video "The Voice." She enjoys taking ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop and loves to incorporate them into her own choreography. Raised in the theater, Adrianna has appeared in roles such as Jessie in “Toy Story", Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”, and is currently starring as Dorothy in the Canyon Theatre Guild's "The Wizard of OZ."

Alyssa Azanni.jpg

Alyssa Azani

Alyssa (12) is the high-energy heart of Rock Theatre, setting an intense beat with her infectious, high-octane style of dance. She started dancing at only 2 ½ years old and started competitive dance at the age of 5.  After joining Rock Theatre at age 8, she added singing to her talents and then broadened her talents to the field of acting where she played a psychiatrist to Metta World Peace, along with being featured in minor roles in a student film and a TV series. When not dancing or singing, she choreographs small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, moving them into different dance formations.

Danielle Williams.jpg

Danielle Williams

Soulful, stylish and strong, Danielle (15), is an aspiring singer and songwriter who started singing at 7 years old and wrote her first original song at age 8. She plays the piano, is fascinated with the emotion of operatic music and loves to sing jazz. She has won multiple singing competitions including the chance to sing “America the Beautiful” for the Traveling Vietnam Wall (Santa Clarita), first place in SCV (Santa Clarita Vocal) singing competition 2014, and the Maestro Award (Choir soloist) at Disneyland’s World Strides Heritage Annual Music Festival 2014.


Gianna Campa

Gianna (15) has been Rock Theatre’s “Hit Girl,” our superheroine, who has anchored the lead vocals for both our opening and closing production numbers for the past two years. She has already worked professionally as a studio singer, specializing in harmonization. In 2014, Gianna was chosen by the Broadway Artist Alliance to perform in New York. She has been a featured soloist for a nationally acclaimed show choir and enjoys performing musical theater, pop and a cappella numbers. Other passions include visual arts, academics and super heroes!

Hannah Delgado.jpg


Hannah (14) is one of Rock Theatre’s premiere dancers and even choreographs her own original solos for the group.  She is only 4’11 and about 90 pounds but, in her own words, she could “kick anyone’s butt if I really wanted”.  She’s feisty but can also be very sweet. She loves to read, write short stories and bake.  Hannah also enjoys motorcycles and rides with her family every chance she gets.  Her goal is to attend college, major in mechanical engineering, and work in the auto industry, improving the design and performance of race cars.

Jessie Bauserman.jpg


Rock Theatre’s resident expert on Greek and Roman mythology, (15) grew up around Rock Theatre when it rehearsed at Paramount Studios, where his dad worked as chief engineer. He likes to play basketball and volleyball, loves singing, and claims to be a master at Minecraft.  He has recently expanded his talents to acting and electronics, and is a 4-year veteran of Rock Theatre.



Justin (15) is a triple threat entertainer. He enjoys acting and dancing but his first love is singing/songwriting. Justin is currently writing a pop music album including his original song “If You’re So Perfect.” His message to everyone is to “Be Yourself.” And he hopes to use his music to inspire people and encourage them to let the things that make them special shine through. Justin loves cats, birds and all things orange.

Karli Dorfman.jpg


Karli (14) has been singing since she was two. At six, she auditioned for and landed the role of Annie because she was obsessed with the movie and was always pretending to be Annie. Her favorite performing experience, so far, was singing the National Anthem for the Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run at CBS Studios. She is a big fan of all the Harry Potter books and movies.  One of her favorite things to do is to ride the thrill rides and rollercoasters at theme parks. When she grows up, she wants to be a performer or YouTuber.

Lydia Botello.jpg


A Broadway star in the making, Lydia (14) year is powerhouse performer who has already worked professionally in regional theater in Southern California. Some of her favorite roles have been portraying Young Cosette in “Les Miserables,” Jojo in “Seussical” and Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.” Recently, Lydia was excited to appear in a commercial for Toyota Spectrum. Her favorite things are singing, acting, dancing and animals. Onstage performing for Rock Theatre, she lights the way for the group with her irresistible smile.

Melainey Jane.jpg


Melainey (14) is a singer, dancer, model, and actress, who debuted on stage at age 3 as an Elf in the ballet Cinderella and has been performing consistently ever since.  She has appeared onstage in a variety of plays, musicals and classical ballets as well as national dance team competitions.  She is a straight “A” student, active with her school show choir.  Melainey is also active in Girl Scouts and enjoys rescuing dogs, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.

Sara Mislang.jpg

Sara Mislang

Sara (15) is a singer, dancer and vocal powerhouse. She is a part of her school’s competition show choir and loves to participate in singing competitions. Some of her titles include winning first place for Filipino-Americans Got Talent in 2012 at the South Bay Pavilion Mall in Carson, winning first place for the Singing Champ in 2012 at the Celebrity Center in LA, and winning first place for the Crème De La Kids Karaoke fest in 2013 at the LA Pomona Fair. She plans one day to audition for a big TV competition like The Voice and American Idol. Her passion for music shows through in her ability to sing pop-ballads.

Sara Rose.jpg

Sara Rowe

Sara (13) is already a multi-threat talent, performing as a singer, actress, host, comedian and dancer.  She’s been featured in roles on hit shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV” and has hosted several movie promos for Dreamworks. She is featured in numerous commercials with the likes of Halle Berry and Mike Rowe, and has interviewed celebrities at events for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Sara recently showed off her moves with some of L.A's top dancers in a commercial for J.C. Penny.

Tyler Lasdon.jpg


Already a professional DJ, Tyler (15) is the technical director/wizard of Rock Theatre. He started dancing at the age of 7, added singing to his repertoire, and then transitioned to DJing and post production. He specializes in music mixing, audio engineering and sound pre and post production. When not performing, he enjoys Boy Scouts, producing his school’s tv network and participating in robotics competitions.



Ellie Williams, the newest member of Rock Theatre, is a young actress and musician whose onscreen credits include: Further Instructions (2015), Reporting Live (2013) and Camp-Off (2014. She is an accomplished guitarist, whose unique vocal stylings work in perfect harmony with her instrument.